Launched to rave reviews at the 2018 Reed Gift Fair in Sydney, Banyan Home epitomises all things “Luxe Resort.” With a predominately neutral contemporary colour palette but with a focus on organic and natural materials, the range has a relaxed unstructured global look.

Banyan Home’s name comes from the tree of the same name. Just like the tree, which
grows from the roots of another tree, Banyan Home was created in response to the huge success of its sister brand, Stoneleigh & Roberson. Banyan Home products are is made by skilled artisans who hand craft each piece individually.

The range is lovingly put together buy our buying team who travel the world allowing us to work closely with suppliers on new design and allowing the opportunity to
check working conditions. Banyan Home has responsibility to the environment and we are always working to reduce the amount of packing materials as well as using materials that can be recycled wherever possible.