Luxury home fragrance that will give your home a true sense of tranquility and joy. Amoura is an affordable home fragrance range fashionably packaged all for you.
Gorgeous scents to light up your space!

Amoura candles and diffusers are NZ and Australian designed. Using soy wax and European fragrances the entire range is hand made under our guidance and to our specifications.

Amoura candles are crafted from natural soy wax and have a pure lead free 100% cotton wick which means our candles burn longer, cooler and cleaner than a comparable paraffin candle. Natural waxes produce about a tenth of the soot produced by a paraffin candle and does not contain any of the toxic chemicals.

Amoura body care is a wonderful complement our home fragrance ranges and are all made in Australia to the very highest standards. Fragrances, packaging and design are constantly changing and evolving as a reflection of current market trends and style. Amoura strives to give their customers a high quality product for outstanding value, providing strong sell through